Resident Essay Competitions


Judge: Mani Menon, MD

Mount Sinai Professor, Department of Urology Director of Education

Director of the Precision Prostatectomy Program, Icahn Mount Sinai and Center of Excellence for Prostate Cancer at the Tisch Cancer Institute

1st Place - Lisa Ly, MD - Temple

Functional Penile Length after Penile Plication: “Empha-sizing” What Matters

2nd Place - Ahman Alzubaidi, MD. - Penn State Utilization of Patient-Specific Characteristics and Competing Risks to Tailor the Duration of Surveillance Imaging Following Surgery for Renal Cell Carcinoma

3rd Place -

1. 2. 3. Jeffrey Wei, MD - Temple Association between PURCASE Score and Likelihood of Upgrading on Repeat Biopsy for Patients on Active Surveillance


Judge: Laurence Klotz, MD, FRCSC

University of Toronto Professor, Department of Surgery

1st Place - Matthew Epstein, MD (Temple)

Relief of Ureteral Obstruction does not Reduce Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Toxicity for Cisplatin Eligible Patients with Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer

2nd Place - Ruchika Talwar, MD (University of Pennsylvania)

Prostate Cancer treatment disparities during the COVID-19 pandemic: Lessons from a Multi-Institutional Collaborative

3rd Place - Paulette Dreher, DO (Main Line Health)

Socio-environmental conditions associated with geospatial clusters of urothelial carcinoma: A multi-institutional analysis


Judge: Eila C. Skinner, MD

Chair, Department of Urology

Stanford University

1st place - Aeen Asghar, MD (Temple)

Systematic Endoscopic Evaluation in Predicting pT0 Bladder Cancer: A Prospective Trial

2nd place - Ruchika Talwar, MD(Penn)

Concordance of Confirmatory Prostate Biopsy in Active Surveillance with National Guidelines: an Analysis from the Multi-Institutional PURC Cohort

3rd place - John Drevik, MD (Einstein)

Factors Associated with Postoperative Urinary Retention in Patients Undergoing Inflatable Penile Prosthesis Implantation


Judge: Roger Dmochowski, M.D.

Associate Surgeon-in-Chief

Vanderbilt University

1st: Nathan Peffer, MD (Temple)

Optical Uroflowmetry

2nd: Victor Kucherov, MD (Jefferson)

Effect of comprehensive genomic profiling on clinical practice and outcomes in patients with advanced urologic malignancy

3rd: Sarah Christianson, DO (Einstein)

A multi-institutional assessment of multimodal analgesia in penile implant recipients demonstrates dramatic narcotics reduction


Judge: Inderbir Gill, MD

Chair, Department of Urology

University of Southern California

1st: Jason Levy, DO (Hahnemann)

Male-to-Female Gender Reassignment Surgery: An Institutional Analysis of Outcomes, Complications, and Risk Factors

2nd: Allison Sih, MD (Temple)

Active surveillance for localized renal masses: growth rates and outcomes in patients with masses ≥4cm

3rd: Carmen Tong, DO (Einstein)

Novel multimodal Analgesia Protocol Significantly Decreases Opioid Requirements in inflatable penile prosthesis patients


Judge: Christopher G. Wood, MD
Deputy Chairman, Department of Urology

MD Anderson Cancer Center

1st Place: Andrew McIntosh, MD (Temple)​

Active surveillance for renal masses with >5 years of follow-up. Tumor growth, delayed intervention rates, and clinical outcomes.

2nd Place: Siobhan Hartigan, MD (Penn)

Association between urinary symptom severity and automated segmentation of white matter plaque in women with multiple sclerosis

3rd Place: Albert Lee, DO (Einstein)

Clinical destiny of indeterminate pulmonary nodules in patients undergoing radical cystectomy for urothelial carcinoma of the bladder


Judge: Richard A. Santucci, MD

Director, The Center for Urologic Reconstruction

Detroit Medical Center

1st Place: Hong Truong, MD (Jefferson)​

Prevalence and Characteristics of Patients Meeting Referral Criteria for Genetic Counseling for Suspected Kidney Cancer Syndromes Based on Tumor Pathology

2nd Place: Ronak Gor, DO (Einstein)

Unexpected High Rates of Angiography and Angioembolization for Isolated Low Grade Renal Trauma: Results from a Large, Statewide Trauma Database

3rd Place: Matthew Sterling, MD (Penn)

Day of Catheter Removal May Predict Cure Rates in Men Undergoing the Advance Sling for Post-Prostatectomy Incontinence at Extended Follow-up (>=24 Months)


Judge: Marshall Stoller, MD
Professor & Vice Chair of Urology,


1st Place: Neil J. Kochner, MD (Penn State-Hershey)

Hypertension is the Primary Component of Metabolic Syndrome Associated with Renal Tumor Pathology

2nd Place: Laura Giusto, MD (Temple)

Lack of Racial Variation in Rates of Adverse Pathology After Radical Prostatectomy Among Men Meeting Active Surveillance Eligibility Criteria

3rd Place: Ronak Gor, DO (Einstein)

Surgical Chronic Kidney Disease Appears to be a Distinct Subtype of Chronic Kidney Disease Based on Mortality Risks Following Renal Surgery


Judge: Harris M. Nagler, MD
President & Chair of Urology,

Beth Israel Medical Center

1st Place: Charles Concodora, MD (Temple)​

Performance of Initial Radical Cystectomy & Risk of Pathologic Upstaging in Patients with High Grade T1 Urothelial Carcinoma of the Bladder: A National Cancer Database Analysis

2nd Place: Eugene Pietzak, MD (Penn)

Impact of Race on Selecting Appropriate Patients for Active Surveillance with Seemingly Low Risk Prostate Cancer

3rd Place: Justin Ziemba, MD (Penn)

Practice Patterns of Acute Renal Colic in the Emergency Department


Judge: Culley C. Carson, III, MD
John Sloan Rhodes Distinguished Professor

University of North Carolina

1st Place: John Walton, MD (Fox Chase)

Tumor Contour "Irregularity" Predicts High Grade Pathology for Large Renal Masses

2nd Place: Sean Jay Henderson, DO (Einstein)

Prostatic Urethral Length Correlates with Increased Risk of Postoperative Urinary Incontinence Following Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy

3rd Place: Eugene Pietzak, MD (Penn)

Factors Influencing the Length of Stay after Radical Cystectomy: Implications for Cancer Care and Perioperative Management


Judge: Louis R. Kavoussi, MD
Chairman of Urology, North Shore-LIJ Health System

Professor of Urology, New York University

1st Place: Christopher Rippel, MD (Penn State - Hershey)

Residual Fragments Following Ureteroscopic Lithotripsy: Incidence and Predictors in 248 Patients with Post-Operative Computed Tomography (CT) Imaging

2nd Place: Gregory Tasian, MD (CHOP)

Pediatric Genitourinary Injuries in the United States from 2002-2010

3rd Place: Jay Simhan, MD (Temple)

Trends in Regionalization of Adrenalectomy to Higher Volume Surgical Centers


Judge: Victor W. Nitti, MD
Professor & Vice-Chairman of Urology

New York University

1st Place: Matthew Resnick (Penn)

Factors Associated with Satisfaction with Prostate Cancer Care: Results from CaPSURE

2nd Place: Jamie Messer, MD (Penn State - Hershey)

Multi-Institutional Validation of the Ability of Preoperative Hydronephrosis to Predict Advanced Pathologic Tumor Stage in Upper-Tract Urothelial Carcinoma

3rd Place: Thomas Clements, MD (Penn State - Hershey)

Variable PSA Management Patterns by Non-Urologist Providers at a Tertiary Care Medical Center


Judge: Paul F. Schellhammer, MD FACS
Professor of Urology

Eastern Virginia Medical School

1st Place: Ray Bernal, MD (Temple)

Reinnervation of Urethral and Anal Sphincters with Anterior Femoral to Pudendal Nerve Transfer

2nd Place: Laura Stansell, MD (Penn)

Increased Basal Resting Tone During EMG Biofeedback is Associated with Improved Voiding for Patients with Orthotopic Neobladder Dysfunction

3rd Place: Jay Simhan, MD (Temple)

Open, Laparoscopic, and Robotic Partial Nephrectomy: A Single Institution Analysis with Perioperative and Oncologic Outcomes


Judge: James Edward Montie, MD
Professor of Urology

University of Michigan

1st Place: David Kaplan, MD (Temple)

External Validation of the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial Risk Calculator in a High-Risk Screening Population

2nd Place: Eric Nelson, MD (Jefferson)

Preoperative Stenting in Pediatric Ureteroscopy - Is There an Advantage?

3rd Place: Steve Dong, MD (Jefferson)

Ureteroscopic Management of Large Intrarenal Calculi - Comparison of Laser and Electrohydraulic Lithotripsy


Judge: Michael L. Blute, MD
Professor of Urology,

University of Massachusetts

Basic/Translational Science Papers

1st Place: Tavis Shaw, DO (Einstein)

Overexpression of the Zinc Uptake Transporter hZIP1 Inhibits NF-kB and Suppresses the Malignant Potential of Prostate Cancer Cells in vitro and in vivo

2nd Place: Steve Lebovitch, MD (Temple)

CNS Findings in Anticholinergic Treated Patients with Overactive Bladder Using fMRI for Functional Brain Imaging

3rd Place: Jitesh Patel, MD (Jefferson)

Holmium Laser Lithotripsy: Assessment of Laser Energy in Relation to Calculus COmposition and Size

Clinical Papers

1st Place: Daniel Canter, MD (Penn)

The Presence of Lymphovascular Invasion in Radical Cystectomy Specimens for Patients with Urothelial Carcinoma Portends a Poor Clinical Prognosis

2nd Place: Benjamin J. Scoll, MD (Temple)

Relative Survival Following Treatment for Localized Renal Cell Carcinoma - A SEER Analysis

3rd Place: Jason A. Smith, MD (Einstein)

Sexual Dysfunction is Common in the Morbidly Obese Male and Improves After Gastric Bypass Surgery

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